What We Do?

Arbaah Financial Consultancy offers financial consulting services, forensic accounting and investigations, valuation analysis, and financial options valuation; financial reporting; operational and financial restructuring; and resource, working capital, also provides cash flow enhancement, collateral valuation and monitoring, bankruptcy reporting, and due diligence consulting services.

At Arbaah Financial Consultancy we provide management consulting and liaison specialist services specifically designed to assist our clients to obtain their desired objective (s) in a timely fashion. Our solutions and answers are balanced among five key factors:  Functionality,  Cost benefit ,  Efficiency , Simplicity and Time

What We Can Do For You?

A - Banks & Finance Houses

Arbaah Financial Consultancy can support all banks & finance houses ( conventional & Islamic ) in many areas such as :

Study the financial situation of the client in the event of debacle for payment , it is our view that the client who stumbles in the payment of premiums is facing a financial problem and in some cases, the bank faced several options to deal with the situation of the client, and here comes the role of our team who specializes in studying the case of the client and provide advice The technical opinion to the Bank. The related cost may be on account of the bank or client as decided by the bank.

Study the financial situation of new customers in their financial doubtful, especially since some customers may resort to beautify the financial statements to obtain financing, and we all know that the approved financial statements will be reviewed following the style of the random sample, which may cause damage to the Bank

The preparation of the financial study that may be required by the Bank from the client in some cases with high degree of transparency that allows the bank to take appropriate decision on the status of the client

In cases of mortgage the bank can appoint a company to check the validity of payments to contractors and authorize the company to carry out field visits to customers and ensure the correct position.

In the case of financing for the service of foreign investment (outside Qatar) can also use our company as a specialist team to travel to any destination to make sure the placement of funds properly.

Assessing the financial situation of the clients from time to time.

B - Companies & Institutions

Provide an assessment of your firms' operational infrastructure, test for certain limitations and inconsistencies in internal controls and procedures, assist with training and staffing needs and convert past due and uncollected accounts receivables into cash. In Short time our company became one of the leading companies especially in the evaluation of business, internal audit process & restructuring of liabilities. We have also excellent track records in managing cash flows of the companies and institutions and give the right advices.

Our company can support all companies and institutions in many areas as follow :

- Assistance in obtaining bank financing through the preparation of all documents required for submission to the Bank in addition to reviewing contracts and financing conditions and to express an opinion
- Assistance in the preparation of lists of projected financial flows and control for specific periods and give advice on ways to increase profitability and reduce expenses.
- Evaluation of the administration and assistance in the recruitment of qualified staff
- Restructuring of the financial departments and the development of accounting systems, organizational structure and delineation of responsibilities and determine the powers
- Carry out internal audit and issue a report to the owners on the general situation and suspected cases
- Business Valuation and Economic Feasibility Studies
-Bookkeeping accounting
- Help companies to reduce financial distress by using innovative tools
- Some may resort to appoint our company as a financial consultant to their companies for specific periods where we have an expression of opinion and giving advice and reviewing all contracts that are subject to financial commitment.

C - Internal Audit

We assist companies in developing and implementing internal control systems suitable for their respective business activities. Our approach shall include conducting a comprehensive internal audit aimed to identify existing as well as potential risk factors that may adversely affect attaining company’s business objectives, adequacy of existing internal control measures in effectively preventing the impacts of such risks and our detailed recommendations for required management actions. We also design and develop requisite policies and procedures, work manuals etc. that suits our clients’ requirements.

D - Business Valuations

One of the primary objectives of a business organization is value maximization. We carry out business valuations based on methodologies that best suit the entity’s operation. We advise business owners to evaluate their businesses from time to time in order to understand the value accumulation process as well as formulating better management decisions in relation to operation, acquisition, merger, expansion etc.

E - Feasibility Studies

We discovered that most of the investors who started business with proper feasibility studies were more secured and successful in their business than those who did not. It may be risky to invest on a business without proper research and studies. We are specialized in carrying out feasibility studies for businesses such as factories, Real Estate, restaurants and other services. Our studies cover market, financial, technical and economical aspects that assist our clients in concluding appropriate business decisions before participating in a potential investment opportunity.

F - Companies restructuring

An organization may require internal restructuring due to various reasons that include changed economic conditions in which the entity operates, inability to meet its financial obligations, accumulating losses due to excessive expenses resulting in negative owner’s equity etc. We provide best solutions to re-organize and restructure the operations of the entity aimed to stabilize its operation and guide it through to profitability on a prospective basis in a planned period of time.

G - Financial Analyses

We provide financial analysis for our clients to understand the stability, solvency, profitability and liquidity of companies on an investment perspective that gives answers to most of their questions concerning the viability of investments in such companies. We also undertake similar tasks to investigate causes for value erosion of companies in order to assist the management to understand the drivers that caused such value erosion and assist them in formulating appropriate decision making process for its future operations.

H - Budgets and cash flow forecasts

We assist companies in developing budgets, cash flow forecasts etc. by way of developing suitable budget guidelines, budget instructions, other budget manuals and templates etc, coordinating with the management and staff in collecting assumptions and values, compiling master budgets, implementing and monitoring budgets, tracking transactions and producing periodical budget and variance reports and analyses.

I - Finance Engineering

We are one of few consultancy firms in the region that provide financial engineering services for companies that face the threat of near future shut down due to severe liquidity issues. Our unique know-how and tailor made solutions have helped our clients to turn around such adverse situations and continue to carry on business as a going concern. The solutions may vary from simple to complex with the recovery period ranging short to long term depending the gravity of the situation and the support from the management. We are normally entitled for a success fee in such tasks.

J - Debts Restructuring

Companies having excessive debts with repayment structures that do not feasibly align with its cash flows can utilize our services to restructure such debts so that repayments match with cash flow streams. We will assist the company in the process by way of providing requisite guidelines, arranging documents as well as liaising with the banks, if required, for necessary negotiations and follow ups. During the past three years, total value of debts we have restructured for our clients was worth USD 900M.

K - Other Services

We also provide the following services - Accounts and Administration Management. - Company Crises management. - Owner’s representations in board of directors meeting & General assembly.

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